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High Clouds
(bases starting at an average of 20,000 feet)
    Cirrus: Thin feather-like crystal clouds.
    Cirrocumulus: Thin clouds that appear as small "cotton patches."
    Cirrostratus: Thin white clouds that resemble veils.

Middle Clouds
(bases starting at about 10,000 feet)

    Altocumulus: Gray or white layer or patches of solid clouds with rounded shapes.
    Altostratus: Grayish or bluish layer of clouds that can obscure the Sun.

Low Clouds
(bases starting near Earth's surface to 6,500 feet)

    Stratus: Thin, gray sheet-like clouds with low bases; may bring drizzle and snow.
    Stratocumulus: Rounded cloud masses that form on top of a layer.
    Nimbostratus: Dark, gray shapeless cloud layers containing rain, snow, and ice pellets.

Clouds with Vertical Development
(high clouds that form at almost any altitude and reach up to 14,000 feet)

    Cumulus: Fair-weather clouds with flat bases and dome shaped tops.
    Cumulonimbus: Large, dark, vertical clouds with bulging tops that bring showers, thunder, and lightning.
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emergency weather radio
Emergency Weather Radio
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