The New Stress Diet
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Stress Diet

   ½ grapefruit
   1 slice whole-grain toast
   1 cup skim milk
   1 cup spinach
   1 serving lean protein
   1 cup herb tea
   1 Hershey’s kiss
Afternoon snack: 
   rest of the bag of Hershey’s kisses
   tub of Haagen Dazs ice-cream
   2 bottles of wine,
   1 supreme pizza
   3 Snickers bars
Evening snack: 
   bag of potato chips
   tub of creamy onion dip
   dozen chocolate chip cookies
Late night snack: 
Whole Sara Lee cheesecake eaten directly from the freezer
Yep, STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS!
Funny but true! 
The point is that severe dieting itself is a stress.
Severe dieting isn't the way to lose weight for the long-run. 
We can easily derail if we try to eat too sparsely.
You need a healthy eating and exercising plan for life - not a diet.
The keys to finding a good weight and having a good life are:
   * manage and reduce the stress in your life
   * change what needs to change; accept what you cannot change
   * make time for relaxation, meditation, and spirituality
   * eat healthy, whole foods in appropriate amounts
   * stay away from white flour, white sugar, alcohol, and other bad stuff
   * be clean and sober; avoid substances that alter your mind
   * give up tobacco, and cut back on the caffeine
   * take healthy supplements, if needed
   * exercise daily, even just a 30 minute walk, but do it everyday
   * breathe deeply of fresh air outdoors each day
   * relax in the sun for 20 minutes whenever the day is warm
   * weekly or monthly - get a massage & give a massage to your beloved
   * get your life in order and organized
   * develop positive, loving relations with those around you
   * find a job you love and keep doing it
   * find people you love and keep them in your circle
   * help those who are in need and who have less than you
   * be honest, be good, be kind
   * be humble, loyal, and true
   * speak in loving tones and say only good, helpful things
   * try to see what's going wrong in yourself, but not in others
   * control yourself, but don't control others
   * seek the good in others, and never speak ill of anyone
   * treat others better than you would want to be treated
   * use a lot of love - it works better than punishment in the long run
   * take care of yourself - be healthy, good, and whole
   * open your heart to all who are difficult, suffering, and alone
   * accept yourself and accept others - God didn't make mistakes
   * seek out and find strength in the One Who Is All Love
That's the key to being really healthy!  Such a life will bring happiness and cheer to you and all those around you.  May your life be blessed!
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