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I received an anonymous email of great importance:
We want to alert you about a project which we hope will not become a reality. For those of you who have swam, snorkeled and enjoyed yourselves on Smugglers' Cove Beach, we have recently learned that real estate builders are interested in developing the property at Smugglers' Cove Beach. Even though it is expected to be a high-end project we just love it’s natural beauty and if you feel the same, please let BVI planning know.

We would prefer to see the BVI government buy the private land and make it a national park and preserve this beach as one of the last few remaining unspoiled beaches on Tortola and in the BVI. The proposed plans include a huge dock to destroy the coral reef, yachts of all sizes, to pollute the now pristine crystal clear waters, and multiple beachside villas with a private pool for each one, renting for over $12,000 a week. So where does that leave the rest of us?  What about the beautiful coconut trees that now line this crescent shaped beauty? Why do we have to destroy every last beach in the BVI and call it progress? 

There have been town meetings to allow the Tortola residents an opportunity to voice their concerns. At this time, the BVI government has supplied an email address for those of you who wish to voice your concern about this proposed project.  . Deadline for email submission is February 9.
Your email must be ORIGINALDo not copy and paste a thing from this site or any other. Send your ORIGINAL  thoughts and concerns to :
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Yacht, Charter, Bareboat, Holiday, Vacation, Accommodation,British Virgin Islands,BVI
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