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RAMBLINGS & BVI Pictures (the other Dear Miss Mermaid blog!)
Dear Miss Mermaid's Rambling Blog Archives
Evolutionary Psychology
Get Well and Stay Well
Mujibar was trying to get a job in India
Rape Prevention & ID
Warning Signs For Women about To Have a Heart Attack


RECIPES by Dear Miss Mermaid

Newsletter Message in a Bottle December 1, 2009
Thank El Nino for mild Atlantic hurricane season
thank you
thank you1
weather dearmissmermaid
Welcome to Gate 114
Who Wants To be A  Millionaire
why why why

Brain Exercises
Buy the Book
Deck Out The House for Christmas
Hurricanes & Hangovers (sneak preview)
mammogram info
merry Christmas
Message in a Bottle

2 Guys in Wisconsin
30 Things
Adult Humor
An Old Priest Joke
Bear Tales
Chinese Eye Test
Christmas Carols for the Disturbed
Christmas from an engineering point of view
city lights
da rasta mon
Dr. Phil
extreme acts of dumb courage

Funny Signs
Grow food
Halloween joke
Happy Halloween
He Said, She Said
hello daddy
How to make Slippers For Christmas
How to treat a woman

Here  are six reasons why you should think before you speak I'll Drink to THAT
Incredible Sunset from Snowy Country
jokes backup
Lawyers should never ask a Mississippi grandma...
new government seal
the froggy loan
The Mayonnaise Jar & Two Cups of Coffee
The Mermaid Baby
The Pillsbury Doughboy
the shoe box
The wit of will rogers
Twisted Knickers
More Maxine's Cartoons
once a year laugh
Poetry for the Sexes
Polly Parrot's Last Slide Show
This is dedicated to those born 1930-1979
stress diet

Cat Communication
Cat Nip Cookies
Cats of Our Lives
Funny Cats
more funny cats
talking cats
Stowaway Cat Survives 17 Days Without Food
Cat Fish
Silly Cat Pics
You Don't Have To Own A Cat To Appreciate This One!

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Foxys Bar & Restaurant on Jost Van Dyke, BVI


10 Worst Things About Family Vacations
Funniest Toddler Quotes
How Technology Saved My Life
How to Get Your Email Under Control Again
How to Sell More & Make More Money on eBay with These 10 Tips
Nine Feel Good Movies

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     RECIPES on Ehow by Dear Miss Mermaid
***If you like the recipes, I write at Ehow, please support the google ads displayed there

How to Have a Simple but Elegant Summer Party
How to Make Fast Homemade Basil Parmesan Baked Rolls
How to Recipe for BBQ Pork Baby Back Ribs in the Slow Cooker Crockpot
How to Recipe for a Bikini Tanned Turkey
How to Recipe for Cheese & Fruit Blintzes
How to Recipe for Garlic Bread Braid
How to Recipe for Jack Daniels Pumpkin Pie
How to Recipe for Mexican Stuffed Potato
How to Recipe for Pineapple Mango Ham in the Crockpot
How to Recipe for Spinach Linguine with Mussels and Mushrooms
How to Recipe for Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan

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How to Publish Your Book & Get it On Amazon
How to Sell More & Make More Money on Ebay with these 10 Tips

FREE STUFF FROM Dear Miss Mermaid
WEIRD NEWS Dear Miss Mermaid found AMUSING
AWESOME PICS from the British Virgin Islands
All About Piracy


Crews Search for Survivors in Red Sea
ferry survivors say captain abandoned them
Shark Attack Leaves Australian Woman Dead

Who is DMM
Why Dear Miss Mermaid Lives in the Caribbean


Alternative Mosquito Repellents author of Hurricanes and Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph)
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Sally Caves, Summer, 1997

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1027am Ah HA!
1105am Saturday and grumpy
18 Years: Up in Smoke
20% Off Dear Miss Mermaid Calendars and Designs
20% Off Dear Miss Mermaid Calendars and Designs
20% off Dear Miss Mermaid\'s Drinking Mugs
2010 Calendars By Dear Miss Mermaid
22 WHAT???
25 Days of Free Songs
25% Off Plus Free Shipping Upgrade
843am Sunday and ALIVE and almost well!
934am PAIN
\"Santa Claus You are Much too Fat\" (Sung to the tu...
A Clean Dirty Joke
A Fabulous Picture of the Virgin Islands
A Friend Is Like A Good Bra
A happy New Year Card From Kristy!
A Hot Day and The Assassinator
A Journey in Pictures
A Loud Crack
A Mermaid Out of Water
A Note From the Cats
A Really Cool Halloween card from Jim
A Scottish Christmas Joke...
A Sense of Humor... Cats...
A Snowstorm in the Caribbean?
A Stunning Picture of the Virgin Islands
A Thanksgiving Feast At The Rock Café
A Trip Down Memory Lane Aboard Sea Rose
A Whale of a Christmas Tale
A Wonderful Quirky Movie
About That Ocean
Alarms, 911, Fire Trucks, Towing, And Industrial N...
Alarms, 911, Fire Trucks, Towing, And Industrial N...
Alive, Kicking and Taking Names!
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarte...
Almost Back in Business
Almost FOUND it!
ALONE: Orphaned on the Ocean
Angels in the strangest places
Another Great Day in Paradise
Another Message in a Bottle
Another Movie!
Another Paradise Found
Another trip to Petsmart...
AT&T Finally let me post Pictures, Yippee!
Awesome Sunset from the Virgin Islands
Baby Gets A Bath
Bad Bad Parrot!
Bad decisions make good stories
Beach at Buck Island, British Virgin Islands
Belly Rub!
Bet This Pilot Needs New Undies Now
Big Favor to Ask my Readers
British Virgin Islands Odds and Ends
British Virgin Islands Odds and Ends February 26, ...
Bungee Jumping and Loud Thuds
BVI Taxi Repair Shop
Bye Bye Hair
Callwood Adamant He is Qualified for Prison Head ...
Can you identfiy THIS?
Caribbean Hurricane NetworkHappy Sun Daze C...
Cheech and Chong\'s Hey Watch This!
Christmas Carols for the Disturbed
Christmas for Racing Sailors
Computer Went into Cardiac Arrest
Custom Motorcycles
Day 46 and no hurricanes JULY 16 2009
Day 47 of Hurricane Season
Dear Miss Mermaid Averts Disaster, Again...
Dear Miss Mermaid gone on walk-about
Dear Miss Mermaid Makes Another Video
Dear Miss Mermaid wants to connect on LinkedIn
Death Of The Internet: Unprecedented Censorship Bi...
Deer Wandering By
Diabetic Foot Problem Prevention
Diary of a Crazy Mermaid
Does It Pay To Walk For Your Health?
Dog Campers
Doggone Funny!
Drove off the Map into LaLaLand
Dude cutting up coconut - Making a drink on the be...
Earthquake Activity Ramps Up at Puerto Rico Subduc...
East Jesus, Slab City
Email Replies
Enjoy a Great Belly Laugh Today
Fabulous Weather Pictures from Dear Miss Mermaid R...
Failed to Acquire a Connection
Flip-Flops, Foot Nude and Stupid Quotes
Floating Bedroom
Fly the Fun Skies
Flying High in the Virgin Islands
Follow Your Dreams!
For Piano Lovers Only
Free Shipping on Apparel this Weekend
Free Shipping through Dec 13th
Freedom is NORML
Fructose: A Deadly Poision?
Fun Quotes
Funny Stuff
Get Out: Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks Overnight
Get Ready for Thanksgiving with this Bikini Turkey...
Get rid of anything that isn\'t useful, beautiful, ...
Getting The Dirt Out of My Life
Getting Used To America
Grateful for Beauty and Readers and Silly Puppy Do...
Haiti Earthquake Videos; Warning; Very Graphic
Happy New Year from Sandy Cay in the Virgin Island...
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Turkey Day!
Harley on a Good Hair Day
Heartbreaking Pain
Hilarious Cat and Cop Video
Ho Ho Ho!
Homesick and Selling my Books
How To Get Funny Cat Pictures
How to Get your Email Under Control Again
How To Jerk a Chicken by Captain Katie
How to Make Bedroom Slippers for Christmas
Hump Day and all is well! JULY 15 2009
Hungry Bears, Ingenuity and Duct Tape!
I need HELP
I\'m in Coolville, Mon
I\'ve been out of the hospital for a week now, and ...
Incredible Artist Brings Tears to Fans
Incredible Colors during Sunset
Internet Problems Blog Problems
It\'s Complicated (Movie with Meryl Streep, Alec Bl...
Jokes for all
July 10 2009
July 10 2009
July 12 Sun Daze and Percys Bus Stop
July 12 Sun Daze and Percys Bus Stop
JULY 18 2099
July 19 2009 Walter Cronkite
JULY 20 2009
JULY 21 2009
July 8-9, 2009
Kangaroos, Bunnies and Bowls
Keep Dear Miss Mermaid Writing
Ker Boom! Satellite Picture of Montserrat Volcano...
Kitty Can Play
Ladies Dresses Half Off
Lake Placid
Leftovers from Storm IDA
Life in the Islands, May 16-July 7 2009
Life isn\'t fair, but it\'s still good.
Live Reports from Haiti
Living Self Contained, Off The Grid
Lots of Fun Links From Dear Miss Mermaid
Lotsa Newsy Stuff on 9-9-9
MEN, Beware of this Scam
Mermaid or Whale?
Message in a Bottle...
Message in a Bottle; Lots of Messages Found
More Fun Stuff
More News from the Virgin Islands
Mourning the Passing
Movie 2
My Favorite Waste of Time
My Motorhome is a Tree Hugger
Name My Motorhome!
New Designs On Apparel by Dear Miss Mermaid
News from the British Virgin Islands
News From the British Virgin Islands
News from the British Virgin Islands February 20-2...
News from the British Virgin Islands February 22, ...
News from the British Virgin Islands January 10, 2...
News from the British Virgin Islands January 14, 2...
News from the BVI & Montserrat , January 2010
News from the Virgin Islands
News from the Virgin Islands
News from the Virgin Islands February 2, 2010
News from the Virgin Islands January 2
News from the Virgin Islands Today
News from Virgin Islands January 21-22, 2010
Newspapers From Around the World
Newsy Stuff from the British Virgin Islands
Newsy Stuff from the British Virgin Islands March ...
Newsy Stuff from the BVI March 14, 2010
No Email for Dear Miss Mermaid!
Noteworthy from the British Virgin Islands in the ...
Okey Dokey!
On The Road Again, Maybe
One Bowl Hot Breakfast
One Brave Kitty
Orlando Florida and Olive Loaf French Bread
Orlando in a Mini-Motorhome
Other Links
Over the Hills and Through the Woods To Adventures...
Painful Times
Painted Cat
Painted Cat
Paperwork and Dogs
Pics of Soufriere Hills Volcano on the island of M...
Picture of the New Baby Boy on Adoption Day
Pictures of Dear Miss Mermaid Sailing Naked
Press Two For English
Private Drive?
Progressive Collapsible Kitchen Stuff; Who\'d A Th...
Red Sky Between Ginger and Salt Island in the Virg...
Resolution Frittatta Recipe for Four
Reviews of Hurricanes & Hangovers: and other tall ...
Riding the Rails for Food Commute
Sailing the Virgin Islands in 1966
Save $10 on Dear Miss Mermaid\'s Calendars and Merc...
Shh... We\'re Sleeping...
Shopping at Goodwill
Sinking the Motorhome
Sir Francis Drake Channel in the BVI and Firecrack...
Sir Francis Drake Channel in the Virgin Islands
Six Degrees of Separation
Snorkelig the Virgin Islands at Hull Bay
Something in the Bush
Soon Come, As We Say in The Islands
Soufriere Hills Volcano on Montserrat Picture
Soufriere Hills Volcano on the island of Montserra...
Speed up Your Computer
Spotted Eagle Ray Swimming Around
St John Life in the Virgin Islands
Stay Tuned!
Still Alive and Wandering
Storms, Detours, Bad Road, Heavy Duty Traffic
Strange Noises Down Bumpy Thumpy Roads
Subject: Saturdaze in the BVI JULY 11 2009
Subject: Saturdaze in the BVI JULY 11 2009
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Subscriptions and Angels to the Rescue
Sunset at the North Pole
Sunset on the Space Coast
Super Glue Mends Almost Everything
Supporting A Mermaid...
Teen Sailor Who Ran Away Found in Caribbean
The Angels Brought me a New Baby!
The Brain Gets Tired
The Conch Killers
The Dog Has Learned to Read
The First Day of Summer is Here
The Galveston Blizzard
The Last To Know
The Little Things Are Nice
The Magnificent River of Five Colors; Cano Cristal...
The Mermaid Lives!
The Mini-Cane is here! July 18 2009
The perfect age is somewhere between old enough to...
The Scream Heard Around the Neighborhood
The Slabs in California (Updated Often)
The Things We Do For Love
The view from Waterlemon Cay, Virgin Islands
The Window Washer (tee hee hee)
The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry....
There Is a Way
this post was a booboo but I can\'t seem to mak...
Three things in human life are important
Time to Laugh and Other Ponderances
To be or Knot
Today in History
Today\'s Funny Koala Bear Joke
Today\'s Thought
Tootin\' My Horn!
Topless Mermaids and CropDuster Boo-Boo
Traveling Daze
Tuesday already! Day 44 of no hurricanes (or himm...
Twenty-Four Hours of Heaven off the Grid
Two Lovebirds
Two of my cats are brothers and were born wild fr...
Use your head for some thing else besides a hat ra...
Wardrobe Malfunction of the Worst Kind
We Be Limin\' in Coolville, Mon
WebCams From the Virgin Islands
What has 3 arms and 3 legs?
What is AmazonWireless?
When in doubt, just take the next small step
When It Rains, It Pours and then things break
Where is Dear Miss Mermaid?
Who knew life could be so grand?
Who Wrote This Script?
Whoa! What the ???
Why Shopping in the BVI can be so Frustrating!
Why You Should Adopt A Pet From Death Row
YEE HAW july 19 2009
Yuletide Log by Dear Miss Mermaid
HOSPITAL BLOG (Dear Miss Mermaid was hospitalized in Peebles Hospital, Tortola, British Virgin Islands, read her posts about life in a forgotten hospital on a tiny island)
2009 07 24 Light Torture
2009 07 24 More Vampires in White Coats
2009 07 24 My laptop is propped up with surgical...
2009 07 24 Ooopsy 907pm Friday
2009 07 24 The Hospital Blog Begins...
2009 07 25 2:54pm Satudaze, still alive and kick...
2009 07 25 4:29PM
2009 07 25 658pm Saturdaze
2009 07 25 and the pray
2009 07 25 Saturdaze 716am AND The Secret Diary...
2009 07 25 See the Comedy 913am
2009 07 26 511pm
2009 07 26 649pm angels and devils
2009 07 26 Sunday Torture 750am
2009 07 26 the dirty lowdown 820pm
2009 07 27 116am Monday morning
2009 07 27 423pm angels everywhere
2009 07 27 Angels are Coming!
2009 07 27 Thank you!
2009 07 28 707am Tuesday
2009 07 28 alternative WHATS???
2009 07 28 Calling all angels
2009 07 28 ENough of this...
2009 07 28 More Angels Arrive...
2009 07 28 Who\'s Hiding Behind that Eye Mask?
2009 07 29 234pm and I struggle with the Devil
2009 07 29 336am The DEVIL tried to get me!
2009 07 29 802am and it\'s Wednesday already (again...
2009 07 29 848pm The Angels Take Over
2009 07 29 ALive at noon
2009 07 30 1009pm one handed again
2009 07 30 2pm thursday GOOD JUJU
2009 07 30 527am MORE positive JuJu!
2009 07 30 651pm and the pager is working...
2009 07 30 713am ALIVE and PIRATING!
2009 07 30 732pm You take my breath away
2009 07 31 238am
2009 07 31 254pm Friday...
2009 07 31 854am Friday the 31st
2009 08 01
2009 08 01 1240pm three steps backwards
2009 08 01 1257pm Arm on Holiday
2009 08 01 628am No Corporal Punishment
2009 08 01 652am Of Course I\'m in as much Pain as ...
2009 08 01 752am THANK YOUS http://savethemermaid....
2009 08 01 ALL the Questions...
2009 08 01 Pin Pricks and Donkey Races!
2009 08 02 1248am sunday
2009 08 02 542pm Sunday
2009 08 02 612am The Angels and Sunshine and Elep...
2009 08 02 935am Rats, Darn, Shoot, Fiddlesticks
2009 08 03 1223 am MOnday
2009 08 03 1255pm More ANGELS!
2009 08 03 213am A Trained Seal
2009 08 03 319pm Marches the Parade
2009 08 03 353pm Angel Food
2009 08 03 611am Angels Hard At Work!
2009 08 04 303am ALive and Cooling Off
2009 08 04 4pm Depression
2009 08 04 6am I woke up ALIVE again!
2009 08 04 740pm Dark thirty and the angels are W...
2009 08 05 1039am and it\'s no good, I just wanna g...
2009 08 05 538am THEY LIED!
2009 08 05 608pm Ugh
2009 08 05 This is the LAST time....
2009 08 06 1157am More Bad News
2009 08 06 1255pm A NEW VAMPIRE in TOWN
2009 08 06 128am Calling All Angels
2009 08 06 921am Air Conditioning Gone Bye Bye
2009 08 06 PIZZA in PARADISE! Angels to the Rescu...
2009 08 06 Still Crazy
2009 08 07 1134 am Not Sure this is Funny...
2009 08 07 1248am Internet Just Came Back
2009 08 07 244pm Blues All Right...
2009 08 07 316am and I\'m alive and hot!
2009 08 07 458am Was That WIND?
2009 08 07 610am Friday the 7th
2009 08 07 721pm MIRACLES
2009 08 08 208pm Survived Lunch...
2009 08 08 718am Woke up Alive!
2009 08 08 754pm Dinner was Different
2009 08 08 909pm New Arrivals
2009 08 08 A Place to Chill
2009 08 08 ceiling doesn\'t have such good graphics...
2009 08 08 Working Out
2009 08 09 1035am WOKE UP ALIVE AGAIN
2009 08 09 341 pm Driving Miss Crazy...
2009 08 09 650pm Staying ALIVE!
2009 08 10 1104am Chit, I feel Awful
2009 08 10 253am Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! This Thurts...
2009 08 10 333am Third time Thucky Charm...
2009 08 10 608am Soaking your WHAT???
2009 08 10 918am What the Thuck Did I Do?
2009 08 11 1235m Tuesday August 11
2009 08 11 516pm STILL ALIVE! YIPPEE!
2009 08 11 623am Don\'t Let Grumpy Sleep
2009 08 11 634pm Chocolate from Baltimore!
2009 08 12 1218am Day 22 in Hospital
2009 08 12 327am Day 22, Mermaid held in Captivi...
2009 08 12 631am Woke up Alive Again
2009 08 12 705am WHiney Witch
2009 08 12 Sad Wittle Bunny
2009 08 13 440pm Thursday
2009 08 14 1142am Sleep, Sleep, Sleep...
2009 08 14 707am Woke up ALive
2009 08 15 Tropical Storm ANA
2009 08 16 424 am SUNDAY woke up alive
2009 08 16 VERY SAD NEWS
2009 08 17 932am Monday
2009 08 17 Side Effects of Major Effects?
2009 08 18 754amAug 18 08 Smile!
2009 08 18 Angels
2009 08 18 Angels and Prayers
2009 08 18 Checking out of the hospital
2009 08 19 Cat Naps
2009 08 19 GIVING THANKS
2009 08 19 Mermaid Fever!
updated August 19, 2010

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