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Posted: 05 Feb 2011 04:35 PM PST

I'm in Florida but the sky looks like snow clouds. A friend is supposed to drive over from the west, 35 miles to come visit. She is bringing the errant prescription. Oh my gosh, am I ever lucky. Maybe this fever will finally go away.  She said it is very foggy on the roads. I told her it could wait, I'm in no rush. 

My neighbor, to the east, who has had his travel trailer parked for seven plus years on his lot, has decided to move to his friend's land 8 miles away. In seven years, he has pretty much settled in for the long haul, building a deck, plus a separate covered porch, installing underpinning, putting up a massive TV antenna and so on. 

About six of his old buddies in fatigues,  have shown up to help him, plus one daughter who drove twelve hours with her fiancĂ©, to come help. Puppy is thrilled to have all the activity. They are using my lot to pile up all their building materials, as they dismantle the place. When they tire of working, they play with the puppy, who is doing his best to put on his own brand of side circus.

I am trying to clean up my place, organize things and pray I find a few things that have slipped into the hidden deep dark hole. I have a camera, I can't retrieve pictures from  because the cord has simply vanished. I have a small covered basket, I keep all my cords in, the ones that unattach, like camera cords, cell cords, and so on. So I am miffed, that my cord is not in it's basket, where it belongs. I have no idea where it walked off to. I don't even own much. Most of my cabinets have plenty of space to spare. I've been accused of living sparsely. 

Is that a polite way to say on a teeny tiny itsy bitsy budget?  

I must admit, being sick, has made me wish I had a TV.  An idiot box to entertain my feverish head. 

On my picnic table this morning, was the flashlight and duct tape, with a little thank you note stuck to them. I saw the coffee lady, asking her if she needed a cup of coffee, but she said no, what with the donated coffee maker and filters, she had managed to make her own. 
My poohuahua.
Six pounds of pure trouble, but loads of fun. 

I guess while fighting this fever, I've really let the housekeeping slide. Since my friend is driving my prescription over, I am trying to clean up and look nice, both me and the motorhome. I rest every few minutes, drink more fluids, mop my forehead, then carry on again. I thought a fever was supposed to break after three days. 

Well, there I go thinking again...

Oh my gosh, it's Saturday already and I didn't post the above, which I wrote on Friday. My friend came with my prescription, plus she dragged me out for lunch. I should have doubled back to make sure the dog was behaving, before I left the park. When I came back, my amused neighbors told me he had been singing his heart out.  He also cries like a baby sometimes.  I think he learned that before I got him, he must have been around a tiny baby, seeing how the baby could cry and get everyone to fuss over him, he apparently learned this too. 
A ferocious puppy, keeps guard at the motorhome door.
He is attached to his outdoor tether, so he can romp around.
It was very chilly, so he is wearing my sock, I cut holes in to make him an undershirt,  for wearing beneath his sweater on nippy days.  *SIGH*  The things I do for one little 6 pound pooch...

I was embarrassed, but the neighbors assured me it was entertaining. I explained if they walk up to the window, point their finger at him and say "SHH!" he will shut right up. He associates a pointed finger with a water pistol. He doesn't like the water pistol. 

I don't want him to be a yappy doggy. So when he continually ignored my "SHH!" commands, I bought a water pistol. The next time he ignored me, well I aimed my water pistol at his rear end, planning to squirt him.  He was about 20 feet away, on his tether.  Right when I pulled the trigger, after repaeting "SHH!"  he happened to turn to look at me. 


He was hit in the face with water. He acted highly offended. I felt bad, because I was aiming for his rump. But pretty much now, my water pistol doesn't need refilling. I can merely pick it up, after repeating my "SHH!" command and he drops off in mid bark.   He has suddenly become a much calmer happier doggy. 

I want him to be a good watch dog, but I don't want him yapping about stuff, when I have said "SHH!"

People say he is really well behaved. I hope they mean it. 

He has shown off sometimes. Like today, we passed someone with a dog that set up a huge commotion, barking frantically.  My little puppy, just simply ignored the other dog, refusing to engage in a bark-a-thon. A couple passing me by said "Wow, that's a nice little dog you have there!"  Naturally I beamed, like a proud peacock. 

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