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Alive, Kicking and Taking Names

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 08:24 AM PDT

Just a short post to let you know, I am alive!

Between AT&T internet (absolutely lousy!) and crashing at the most inopportune times (it crashes just before auto-saving, not after, so I lose all my work...) it's a miracle if I get this post out at all today.

I am parked in a friend's driveway in upstate South Carolina.  They have wireless internet, but they put a password on it, and can't seem to remember what it is, so that I could tap in and use it.  So AT&T and I are doing battle again. 

If AT&T mobile finds out I am using the internet for work, they immediately crash my system. Small wonder they force you into a 2 year contract, they want you to truly suffer for 24 months. You pay your money and you get very little in return, certainly not what they promised. 

What is wrong with the big corporations?  Has customer service gone out the window completely?  Is it truly all about greed and surcharges?

For instance AT&T charges $60 for the first 5gb of internet usage per month for laptop mobile users. If you go over that, the second 5gb costs a whopping $260.  

Pure greed. 

Miss your payment by a day?  Incur a $35  reconnect fee. Vicious practices. It's as if the customer is someone to stomp all over and treat like dirt. 

I used to think the world of Goodwill Industries. I thought their 2nd hand stores were a great way for the poor and budget minded to have useful tings at affordable prices such as clothes and household goods. 

Since I came to America on a shoestring, I've needed clothes to wear. Afterall I can't run around naked. I can't afford to eat and shop for clothes. So I've chosen Goodwill and other second hand stores as alternatives for shopping for things I need.

I was appalled at the prices in the Goodwill I went into yesterday. They were clearly overstocked with clothing, yet I thought it was way too pricey for a second hand store. After all these are USED clothes. I was not alone in my grumblings, I heard two other ladies complaining about the prices too. Like me, we picked out several things, then had to narrow it down considerably to be able to pay the marked prices. I sure hope Goodwill is putting these profits to very good use and not spending it on overpriced executives.

Well, you've heard my rantings and ravings today. The power of the pen!

At the campground, this whimsical Halloween mummy startled me, when he growled at me as I approached to read the sign on the office door!

The love of my life, the little Wolfman I rescued late last May.

Wolfman Harley gets cold very easily, at barely 5 pounds of weight.  Let the temps drop below 70F degrees and we both have chattering teeth!  He is wearing an undershirt I made out of my black sock, plus a stylish tri-colored doggy sweater over that.  He LOVES getting dressed (and staying warm!)  Lucky dog!  This little bit of trouble is literally SAVING my life. We walk together several times a day and this is building up my stamina considerably.  I'm in a ton of pain today (can you tell by my ranting and raving?)  but I am still going to go out and go for a brisk walk with my Wolfman.  Someone said I had LOST WEIGHT yesterday. Yippie!  I noticed my clothes were too big for me, but typically my body fights to keep every pound on me, refusing to part with a single ounce. 

Could it be all this walking in rain or shine, hot or cold?  I would have never walked the miles I've walked, had it not been for this little pooch. He LOVES to walk, run and play.  When I grab the leash, he goes nuts, dancing around, he is so excited to get out and about, sniffing the new smells and checking out our latest neighborhood, which is often remote. 

A BIG BIG thanks to my benefactors and patrons who have graciously signed up for subscriptions. Thank you VERY much!  You have no idea how much this helps me struggle onwards as I beef up my health, and keep on writing. My next book is formulating and I have all of you to thank for your support and book purchases. THANK YOU!

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