Thoughts on Smugglers Cove and the Misleading Newspaper
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got this from an islander I know thought you might find it interesting..........

Subject:  smugglers and the misleading newspaper

the web site version of the bvibeacon says that the "environmental Impact study gives Smugglers Cove development High Marks".  I have never seen such blatant disregard for objective reporting, making me think that the Government owns this paper.  This paper also published an article discounting the financial backers of the documentary about the destruction of Beef Island as being selfish and a conflict of interest with those wanting to build their own resorts.  half truth after half truth.  Who is econcern?  is the organization concerned with economy? Then they are not the objective people you want doing an impact study.  Klive Petrovick, to my understanding is the scientist who produced this study.  He taught marine biology at the college before his program was cancelled. How can he say there would be little environmental impact if building was done correctly.  Construction itself takes a toll. these are some of the other issues concerning this ill-conceived development.

1.  it incorporates Queen's land
2.  it is over-sized and too dense for the property
3.  the villas (with pools) will have to have to be tall and the density of long bay if not denser (12 acres)
4.  it takes away access to the only family beach accessable to ALL RESIDENTS
5.  by engulfing the beach, it becomes the front yard of the resort, alienating any outsider
6.  The dock will be on coral by default
7.  the dock invites more boats which anchor on the coral
8.  the dock encourages water taxis, and other extensive uses, bringing more activity to the beach- and therefore, pollution, trash, noise, see Cane Garden Bay.
9.  the added activity, will affect fish in the cove and outside in the channel, let alone pelicans and other wildlife.  
10. traffic will esculate in both directions, from Long Bay and from Steel Point.
11. traffic through the ferry dock, past private houses- which is one lane wide- will esculate
12. the roads will be paved, inviting a massive influx of cars
13.  with this activity- people become disinfranchised and crime will esculate- which it is doing already.
there are historical ruins in and around smugglers which are part of the island heritage.
14  the resort is an exclusive place for rich people- that, in a sense, is racist.
15. construction laborers will haved to be housed somewhere.

A list needs to be made of potential hazzards caused by such an ill-conceived project.  The Government is not looking out for its people.  This is not about the economy, it is about catering to the financial sector who has been scouting for new territories which have facilities which can accomodate their toys (mega yachts and exclusive resorts).  According to Mr. Potter of TCPD, if tortola doesn't cater to them, "our people will suffer".  that is what this is REALLY about.

make lists, e-mail, post notices about the upcoming meeting in west end.  this is not about individual communities but a united front to save the future of the island.  it's all you have.

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