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"Hurricanes and Hangovers and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph"
by Dear Miss Mermaid
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May 2 2009

 Buy 2 - This book makes a great gift!, April 2, 2009
By  Lillian Blanchard "Nightly Reader" (Philadelphia, PA, on the Main Land)


Miss Mermaid's stories in "Hurricanes and Hangovers" are humorous but honest, accounts of island life. Her writing is entertaining - the laugh out loud type of humor that has us fans waiting for her next book. Fortunately we can get small doses of Miss Mermaids wit and humor from her daily (Elec-Tricky permitting) blog either at or on the Tortola page of 

 Tortola Envy, March 21, 2009
By  andrew (new york, new york) 

We stumbled on the elusive Miss Mermaid while planning for a first visit to Tortola and researching weather and accommodations. Sailing friends had piqued our interest in visiting the island through their own description of their adventures both ashore and at sea. Our Caribbean visits are few and unfortunately far between so a mistake is a real downer.
Miss Mermaid's daily (well, almost, subject to the hard working employees of the island's elec-trick company)blog confirmed our choice and the only question now is how soon can we return. Not soon enough, but Hurricanes and Hangovers is the next best thing to bring us back vicariously to life in the BVI's lovely environment. Written with humor, insight, intelligence and sensitivity, anyone who has visited these islands, or would like to, will enjoy this book.

 Three Reasons You HAVE To Read This Book, March 19, 2009
By  Deely (Rocky Branch, LA United States) 

#1. If you've had the good fortune to spend some time in Miss Mermaids sunny corner of the world. I have been lucky enough to visit her world and what she writes is so very true. The colorful characters are really there and from all over the world. The locals are now friends and the reason we go back year after year. On our last trip, the taxi blew out two tires at the top of the mountain, but got us down to the ferry on time, on rims..."no problem, mon". Such is life in "da ilons".

#2. If you've ever thought of chucking it all and moving to a sun drenched island. Miss Mermaid gives a true and hilarious glimpse into island life and you'll see paradise isn't always what your dreams are made of. If while reading this book, you're laughing out loud and thinking "what great adventures" then island life might be for you. If you're just thinking "what???", maybe not. Either way it's a must read.

#3. If you just want an entertaining and fun book that transports you to a different world, beyond what the casual traveler sees. Miss Mermaid's Hurricanes and Hangovers reminds us that when we're on vacation, no matter where that is, we should take the time to know the people who live there...because if we don't step out of our comfort zone and experience what's around us, have we really left?

I love this book on so many levels. Bravo, Miss Mermaid!!!

 Wacky Caribbean Adventures, February 22, 2009
By  Kenneth L. Cox "S/V Reality Check" (Florida)


Great Read! I embarrassed myself by laughing so hard and frequently while in my boat at anchor off one of Norman Islands Bays that the next day a couple of fellow cruisers came by to see if I were OK or had gone nuts. They wanted to borrow the book.

On page 191 when "Sea Goddess Rose Bakes a Cake", at first I though of recommending a Spell Checker then.... well then I about lost it and the bottle of Rum that was in use making a Sundowner for myself! My sides acned for days from attempting not to make another spectacle of myself.

If you have any interest in a fun read, tales of the islands laid back style that have more than a thread of truth, then this is a MUST READ. Hurricanes & Hangovers: and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph

I'm sure Dear Miss Mermaid has a sea chest full of other "tales and loose lies" that I can't wait to read! Please get busy on the next book!!!

 Hilarious Island Stories, February 16, 2009
By  E. Vander "ELINOR" (Medina, TX USA) 

That was a very interesting book about life on the British Virgin islands. The author is a great
descriptive writer and her sense of humor is hilarious.

 What a book., February 11, 2009
By  Jim K (Kentucky) 

For a lady who says this is her first book, it sure is a good one. I had to lay the book aside several times to allow my aching stomach to calm down. She has a tone and style that works perfectly in her writing.
I lived on a small island in the Pacific and find everything she says about island life to be the same as what I saw in the time I lived there. Don't worry, tomorrow another coconut will fall from the tree.
Come on Miss Mermaid, crank out another book to make my stomach sore from laughter once again.

 Hurricanes & Hangovers by Miss Mermaid, December 28, 2008
By  Martin G. Smith (Florida)


Have not stopped chuckling yet !!.

This a excellent explanation of life on,and around the Islands.
Life is to be lived--and it sure is in BVI, and what a life !!.

I have experienced many of the situations, described by Miss Mermaid, and will always recall the fun, that was
always there.
I was on several " Windjammer " boats, over a 15 year time span, and that was part of my life that will be recalled as tremendously relaxing, comical moments galore--as per Miss Mermaids book.
If you do not visit the " Islands ", you will have missed all the comedy, and fun, take time and go there--
good place to start is " Tortola ", BVI, but, any part of the Caribbean is FUN !!.
Try it !!


 Wild and charming!, December 1, 2008
By  Linda P. (USA) 

If you've not yet been exposed to the humor of Miss Mermaid, then you're in for a treat! This wild and whacky selection of her tales from the Caribbean will have you rolling on the floor laughing! Meet a host of unique, intriguing characters... Jungle Jim who advertises outings with his "Charter the Derelict!" cards... Da-Fema-Mon, flummoxed by islanders' lack of addresses, house numbers, shoes, and other hilarious irregularities, finally gives up and goes total island bonkers... Grace Klutz, a wild and whacky import... and numerous other delightful, colorful folks who bring you miles of smiles... Well, as the author says, "Mon, d'is island life be something different!" And so it is! For a fun read, with a dose of bawdiness and badness, take a sip of Miss Mermaid's little island masterpiece. You won't regret it!

 Funny Stuff, December 1, 2008
By  N of 8 "Dash Donovan" (Blue Mountains) 

Very funny book! I laughed for hours. This book gives a glimpse of life in the Virgin Islands as seen thru the rose-colored sunglasses of a transplant who loves the people and places in the islands. Locals, natives, visitors, transplants, tourists and expatriots from all over the world; all provide an eclectic diversity for a wonderful time in the paradise of the Virgin islands!

 Excellent Book!, November 28, 2008
By  Grace Klotz "Grace Klotz" (Virgin Islands) 

This book of 16 stories is hilarious though a few of the stories are serious. "The Regulars" a story within a story, has colorful characters, people you want to meet. "Da-Fema-Mon" is a hoot and makes you wonder what our government is really up to. "Pirates In Paradise" about the burger joint will make any restaurant owner sit up and take notice. "Shanghai" will take you out to sea on a fateful delivery. "Three at Sea" left me laughing. I want to see MORE from this author "Dear Miss Mermaid". I "discovered her" from her daily blog at DearMissMermaid.Com and on the Tortola page. I hope she writes more books! I'm a fan.

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Hurricanes & Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph) by Dear Miss Mermaid Hurricanes & Hangovers
By Dear Miss Mermaid
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