Hurricanes and Hangovers
(and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph)
by Dear Miss Mermaid

    As the most popular blogger in the British Virgin Islands, Dear Miss Mermaid has dazzled islanders and tourists alike with tales of the tropics, local recipes, and informative weather reports for over ten years, blogging daily at and
    Though her identity is kept top secret, fans can't get enough of her daily writings of life in a strange island world and what she calls "the comedy of living on the edge of reason in the Caribbean".
    Take refuge, settle down to a few drinks of rum and rain, and soon you'll be raucously entertained with these 16 stories of madness and mayhem, of life afloat and ashore in the Caribbean.
    Meet colorful drunks, gamblers, sailors, pirates and prostitutes. While many stories are based on truth, characters and scenes have been disguised and fictionalized to protect the guilty, the famous and the infamous.
    Each one of these wild and bawdy Caribbean tales will keep you smiling all day long.
    The flavor is definitely Caribbean and the laughs are universal.
    You won’t regret plunging into the cool pages of this red-hot book.
    Unforgettable, original characters serve up a fine feast of island life,replete with laid-back sea-to-shore attitudes and spicy inimitable Caribbean spirit.
    So put on your sunglasses, pick up a nice cold drink, and lay back in your hammock.
    Let these tall tales and loose lies melt your troubles away in the uncharted waters of fun.
Hurricanes and Hangovers(and other tall tales and loose lies from the Coconut Telegraph) by Dear Miss Mermaid