Surfing in the British Virgin Islands
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The British Virgin Islands offer several great surf spots for surfing enthusiasts.

Capoons Bay, home of the infamous Bomba's Surf Shack is great for beginners as well as pros.  

Cane Garden Bay, can get some really great swells in the winter on the eastern side of the bay.

Josiah's Bay is a far flung beach with surf board rentals and good waves close to shore as well as some quite a ways offshore.

Smugglers Cove can have waves in the eastern corner, depending on wind and seas, great body  & boogie board surfing at certain times.

Loblolly Bay is for the pros and take your first aid kit and a buddy with you, as it is rather remotely located on Anegada.

Overall, the small crowds are friendly, with a mixture of locals and tourists, sharing the waves.  It pays to be friendly, as folks around the BVI are generally a very helpful and courteous lot.  So bring your manners!

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