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Apple Bay Beach, Tortola, BVI

The Baths (Virgin Gorda)  
A National Park made up of a series of small sea pools lying beneath a canopy of giant granite boulders. These sheltered light-filled grottoes create a unique setting to swim and explore. Snorkeling along the outside perimeter of both The Baths and Devil's Bay reveals an area rich in colorful fish and coral.

Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)  

Deadman's Bay (Peter Island)  

Located on the north shore of Peter Island, Deadman's Bay is a palm-fringed crescent beach. Peter Island is a popular yacht anchorage, but can also be reached by a ferry from Road Harbour run by the Peter Island Resort.

Loblolly Bay Beach (Anegada - Loblolly Bay)  
Comprised of miles of secluded pristine beach, Loblolly Bay Beach is ranked as one of the world's best beaches. With a 360 degree lookout and a 50 foot walkout into the ocean, Loblolly Bay Beach features two beach bars and restaurants, as well as sun shelters and hammocks within the sea grapes.

Long Bay (Tortola - Long Bay)  

Sandy Cay (near Jost Van Dyke, BVI)  
Sandy Cay is a tiny island off the southeast coast of Jost Van Dyke that has a spectacular white sand beach perfect for sunbathing or snorkeling. A path leads to the Cay's interior and just to its north is the smaller, but also beautiful, Sandy Spit (noted below).

Sandy Spit Beach (near Jost Van Dyke,BVI)  
Totally remote but within reach by boat, this spectacular beach is definitely worth the trip! Enjoy marvelous snorkeling in a relaxed atmosphere.

Savannah Bay Beach (Virgin Gorda, BVI)  
Located to the north of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and with spectacular sunsets, Savannah Bay is a beautiful long curving stretch of sand perfect for relaxing on the beach and swimming.

Smuggler's Cove (Tortola - West End, BVI)  

White Bay Beach (Jost Van Dyke, BVI)  
With a long stretch of pure white sand, this palm-lined beach was voted one of the top ten beaches in the world by Caribbean Travel & Life. Protected by a great snorkeling reef, anchor close to shore and swim to the beach. Visit the award-winning beach bars.

Brewer's Bay Beach (Tortola - North Shore, BVI)  

Cam Bay (Great Camanoe, BVI)  
Cam Bay,on the island of Great Camanoe, is one of the B.V.I.'s newest national parks and is accessible by boat. The bay's white sandy beach features calm protected waters and good snorkeling along its protective reef.  

Cow Wreck Bay Beach (Anegada, BVI)  
Anegadians offer many stories as to how this beach got its name. Found on the northwestern end of Anegada, Cow Wreck Bay Beach is a pristine beach that features a small beach bar and restaurant, and a few villas.

Devil's Bay Beach (Virgin Gorda, BVI)  
This National Park is accessible by boat or by walking through the trails of The Baths. The beach is pure white sand and sprinkled with large granite boulders. It's deep blue waters make for excellent diving and snorkeling.

Diamond Cay (Diamond Cay, BVI)  
Declared a National Park in 1991, Diamond Cay is located off Long Bay, Jost Van Dyke and is a bird sanctuary. The volcanic nature of the island is more pronounced on the windward side, with bare, rocky cliffs, while the leeward side is lined with sandy beaches. The area has several day anchorages close to vibrant reefs, for snorkeling, and a hiking trail on Sandy Cay. Boaters should be cautious and conscientious about anchoring in sand only to avoid damaging the reefs.  

Elizabeth Beach (Tortola - East End, BVI)  
Elizabeth Beach is without doubt, one of the widest on Tortola, providing sun worshipers plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the beautiful views of the British Virgin Islands.  

Fallen Jerusalem National Park (Fallen Jerusalem, BVI)  
Secluded beaches border delightful snorkeling areas; North Lee Bay Beach being the best on the island. On the northwest shore, underwater tunnels and caves are a haven for nocturnal fish, while schools of Glassy Sweepers glisten like bits of shiny copper.  

Flash of Beauty Beach (Anegada, BVI)  
With coral sand and crystal clear water, Flash of Beauty Beach features a unique trail of conch shells leading from the beach bar to the shoreline. In addition to beach combing and sunbathing, excellent snorkeling is also found here.

Great Harbour Beach (Jost Van Dyke, BVI)  
The island's arrival point with its white sandy horseshoe shape, offers a fabulous water sport facility with a host of friendly and casual beach bars and restaurants. Dinghy docks available.

Josiah's Bay Beach (Tortola - North Shore, BVI)  

Lambert Bay (Tortola - North Shore, BVI)  

Little Jost Van Dyke (Little Jost Van Dyke, BVI)  
Little Jost Van Dyke features stretches of powder white sandy beaches for day anchoring and snorkeling and nearby dive sites include Twin Towers, two large rock formations rising from 90 feet with smaller rock formations. Eagle Rays and Tarpon are often found here. Occasional currents and heavy swells.  

Mahoe Bay Beach (Virgin Gorda, BVI)  
This remote quiet beach with vivid blue water is located north of Savannah Bay. The Bay lies at the end of a tropically landscaped drive leading to a restaurant, beach resorts, and villas. It's gentle sandy curves and two picturesque reefs afford wonderful water activities.

Manchioneel Bay (Cooper Island, BVI)  
Manchioneel Bay, on Cooper Island, is a good overnight anchorage that features a palm-fringed beach. There is a beach bar and restaurant and several holiday homes on the bay.

Prickly Pear National Park (Prickly Pear, BVI)  
This 243-acre island was declared a National Park in 1988. Located in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda, the cacti-covered hills of Prickly Pear slope down to several pristine beaches. The northern and eastern shores boast two of the territory's best beaches. The North Beach, in particular, offers great swimming and snorkeling. For hiking enthusiasts, the National Parks Trust and Visions International created a hiking trail which leads from the Sand Box Bar, over a gentle slope, down to the North Beach.  

Spring Bay Beach (Virgin Gorda, BVI)  
Sprinkled with boulders, this stretch of white sand is one of Virgin Gorda's loveliest and features some of The BVI's clearest waters.

Tortola Beaches, British Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay (Virgin Gorda, BVI)  
Trunk Bay is one of a series of spectacular white sand beaches that line Virgin Gorda's western shore. Bordered by a private estate and a palm grove, Trunk Bay can be reached by boat or along a path from Spring Bay.

Vixen Point (Prickly Pear, BVI)  
Located on Prickly Pear Island in North Sound, Vixen Point is a long stretch of white sand with a beach bar and a shop from which you can rent windsurfers and other water sports equipment. It is a favorite play spot for yachtsmen and guests from neighboring resorts.

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