atlantis adventures with captain roy in the british virgin islands
Captain Roy John of Atlantis Adventures in the BVI has been snorkeling the BVI since 1987. With his 20+ years experience, he knows numerous out-of-the-way secret places for spectacular snorkeling. He is a gentle, patient teacher who can coax even the most timid of guests into the spectacular world of snorkeling & underwater sightseeing  of fish & marine life in it’s natural habitat.

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea are perfect for snorkeling & no other body of water on earth offers up such bountiful underwater sights. Captain Roy will readily accompany novice snorkelers into the water, identifying the numerous fishes, marine life & corals. A wonderful fun experience that many find quite educational, a day with Captain Roy is bound to be the best day of your vacation.
Sip on a cold drink,  while Captain Roy speeds you quickly to your next snorkeling spot.  Enjoy  a full day of sightseeing both underwater & above, while sipping on complimentary cold drinks.  All snorkeling gear is included in the charter rate.  Just bring your towel, wear your bathing suit & bring a cover-up for lunch ashore. 

Captain Roy is most comfortable at sea & knows his coral reefs & their colorful inhabitants, having spent a lifetime on the water as a fisherman & a Skipper of a variety of yachts. The fish know Roy & he knows  fish.
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Spend an unforgettable day in the beautiful BVI with Captain Roy.