Adam, Our Friend, as we Knew Him

Thoughts and Memories  From Adam's Lifelong Friends

The following was written by SP in September 2002. Sandra was a very close friend of Adam’s during the last two years of his life, and she was one of the last people with him before his death. Sandra is from Germany, but she lives in Spain. She has spent much time at Lighthouse Center Oregon, where Adam lived for the last three years of his life. Here is what dear Sandra wrote about Adam:

     I just finished reading Adam's memorial web page and felt like sharing a few thoughts. Adam was like a spiritual brother to me, a great friend of mine. He was a guide, an example, a continuous source of knowledge and wisdom, always being able to answer any question of mine. His wisdom sometimes just seemed beyond belief. He helped me learn so many lessons, teaching me in a very, very loving way. I cannot help but miss him whenever a question arises that I have no means to answer and no one to ask about.
     Adam would always have known the answer.

     He was so much fun to be around as he possessed a very fine sense of humor, which contributed to a lot of fun times. His humility was tremendous and always a great example for me for how we ought to be. It also always impressed me how oblivious he was of the weather! Whether it was hot or cold, he didn't mind either of them and happily embraced them as they were. The same was true of his love for every living being, which even managed to succeed over potentially dangerous animals and made them completely innocent.

     I remember that someone described Adam during his memorial service  as a person who was perfect physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Everything was well balanced. This seemed to me such a good description of Adam. He was perfect...

    For more than a year he managed to e-mail me almost every day or every other day, which was a great pleasure and a lot of fun for both of us. He helped me through a lot that year!

    So I am very glad and feel extremely honored that he allowed me to be his close friend and spiritual sister. I always enjoyed his company greatly.

    Thank you God for sending us such a great soul!!!

Adam like his namesake was first at many things, but that isn't the most remarkable thing about our dear friend.  I have known Adam for about 11 years.  In that time I have come to love his unique since of humor, his touch of pyromania, and his constant reminder that things weren't always, as they seemed.  I remember him in dead of winter wearing short sleeves and would wear shorts if he could get away with it.  He was a unique spirit all his own and for that he will always be treasured.

 I've known Adam since 4th grade.  I got to know him well in my 10th grade.  I remember him best (like Lacy) in the dead of winter hanging out with him, with all of us having on short sleeves jabbering away about everything that had to do with stars:  travel, trek, wars, control, etc.  He also was my only friend in P.E. our senior year; He and I stuck together in that class like cement.  I’ll never forget him for his amazing talent for understanding Robert's translations of Mrs. Causey in our Chemistry I class.  Only he could explain the lesson to me.  I would never have survived the periodic element table without him.

 Adam was the most true of friends I have ever had throughout my life, he was much less like a simple friend and more like a brother.  He had an effect on those he came in contact with that changed the way we all looked at life, how we look at ourselves, and the world around us.  We all  have our favorite memories of our friend; I can't think of any one memory that stands above the rest, nearly all of my memories of Adam rank in the topmost of my time as his friend.  There are many others that were not able to express their feelings or thoughts in this letter, either they were not here or do not have an easy time expressing themselves with words.
We will miss him as long as we remember him; he was one of the truly unforgettable people in this world.  Our condolences and prayers are with you, his family, always.

He was always one of the nicest and finest people I ever knew. There will always be only one Adam.

 Anytime I was around him he always a calming effect on me.

My fondest memory of Adam was the trip that we took to Huntsville, AL to see the Star Trek convention.  I am thankful for the time that we had.  My sympathies go out to you.  It's hard for us to lose a friend; it must be worse for you to lose a son.  I could write a book on Adam and still be unable to do him justice.  He was kind, intelligent, resourceful, and logical, but still able to have fun.  He will be missed and remembered forever.

Adam's friends send these memories.  I like to think that, even though I am a parent rather than a classmate or school friend, that Adam thought of me as a friend also.  I know that I thought of him as a very special friend, for what he meant to my kids as well as to myself and to my wife.  Adam was so blindingly brilliant and full of life that he could have made a lot of people feel inadequate, but instead, he challenged our abilities and intellect, and brought out abilities and talents that we, his friends and acquaintances, may not have known we had, otherwise.  He was patient and tolerant with people that some of us might had have had trouble being patient with.  He tolerated behavior from us that may have challenged his personal beliefs, and showed no offense and gave none, as far as I ever saw in the years that I knew him.

This weekend, my home has been filled with young people that I have known and loved over the years friends of Robert and Adam, people who have become like family to us.  Together we grieve for the loss of our friend, and rejoice in the life he shared with us.  We have also heard from many who could not be here, and are still trying to reach others who are away, or with whom we have lost contact in the last couple of years.       I, also, could write a book about how much Adam meant to my family and me, but for now, this will have to do.  We loved, laughed, cried, and blew stuff up together, and now it is over---but it will never be over, as long as he lives in our hearts, and he will live in our hearts forever!
Dad, CD

Adam was a son, a friend, and more.  His love and loyalty to his family, his personal beliefs, and his friends has always helped and inspired us to reach for the best we were able to be. We are all having trouble dealing with his death, because he can never be gone for us. The indelible impression of his life will always remind us of his delightful humor, his quiet strength, his willingness to work at whatever came to hand... and the fragility of life.  Adam was truly one of a kind’.  His parents, of whom he was so proud, are to be congratulated on the raising of so fine a person. Our hearts are with you as are our prayers.  Come see or call any of us at anytime, for we are and always will be Adam's family.
Mom, KD

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