Adam Palmer Adam loved nature and the beauty around him.

He spent 21 short years on this planet.

We all miss him.

A Brief Biography of Adam  

Picture Taken
August 2001

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Adam Palmer
A Brief Biography
Adam Palmer

Adam Palmer was born in California and spent his early childhood years in Hawaii and Oregon.  He lived in Athens, Georgia and attended the Athens Montessori School for four years.  Then he and his family moved to Monroe, Louisiana, where he and his sister attended public school in the gifted programs.  In high-school, Adam was a member of the Academic Team and excelled in the science and technology categories.  He enjoyed traveling and visited Europe twice on high-school sponsored trips.  During his senior year, he took computer science courses from the local university.  He and a school friend operated a small business in graphic design and web page development during his last two years of high school. Throughout his life, his closest friend was his sister, whom he adored.  Together they shared many happy days and many of the same interests.

Following high-school graduation, Adam moved to the coastal mountains of the northwest to live and work in a non-denominational spiritual retreat center.  He served as a graphic designer and computer programmer at the center, as well as worked in the organic gardens and orchards.  Adam enjoyed hiking, rappelling, swimming, white water canoeing, mountain climbing and biking, and was a licensed scuba diver.  When not enjoying the outdoors or traveling, he spent his spare time meditating, working on computers, and studying spiritual teachings, natural history, astronomy, and physics.  He was committed to his family and spent as much time as he could with his sister, mother, and father.  He was always pleasant and fun to be around. 

Adam was a strong and avid swimmer, but one summer day when he was 21 years old, the powerful and unpredictable currents of a scenic but wild river very unexpectedly took his life while he was taking a morning swim.  Adam embraced life to the fullest in every way, without fear and with great joy.  He left this earth in the same way, enjoying the pristine outdoors where he felt very close to God and nature. 

From an early age, Adam had a deep interest in spirituality and the mystical relationship between soul and God.  Throughout his lifetime, he quietly and humbly developed these interests through meditation, selfless service, the study of spiritual teachings, and an unwavering devotion to God.  Those who knew Adam saw him to be quiet, thoughtful, and deep, and his life was an inspiration to many.  He was patient, kind, and gentle, and he loved and respected all living things.  Close friends described him as brilliant and full of life, yet remarkably humble and kind.  He inspired others to be more than they were, to stretch beyond their limitations.  He had a great sense of humor, was easy-going, and would never let anyone feel left out.  He worked in a quiet way to change the injustices of the world, whether they were large or small. 

His unexpected death impacted friends and family around the world who mourned his loss. However, as Adam and many of us believe, our true essence is soul, and as soul, our life is eternal. Although Adam is not on this earth with us any longer, he soars in the heavens above as a bright shining light, joined forever with God. And there we will see him again one day.

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