Sage Mountain
National Park , Tortola, British Virgin Islands
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Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid
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British Virgin Islands
Sage Mountain National Park
Declared in 1964, the Park encompasses the highest point of a ridge running east/west along the spine of Tortola. The elevation of the Park ranges from 750 feet at the western end to 1716 feet at Mount Sage, which is the highest point in the Virgin Islands, US and British.

Most of the Park is above 1000 feet, and at this elevation precipitation and cloud cover increase sufficiently to support some forest species (e.g., bullet wood, Manilkara bidentata) normally associated with rain forest in Puerto Rico. Several rare and endangered plant species grow within Sage Mountain. A small area of about 29 and half acres retains much of the character of the original forests that were found at this elevation and in guts in Tortola. This is because the rough boulder terrain here discouraged clearance of vegetation for agriculture apart from some selective logging. Since acquisition by the Trust in 1964, tree planting has been carried out on previously cultivated areas, using West Indies Mahogany and White Cedar, and some natural regeneration has occurred.
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Sage Mountain National Park
Sage Mountain Car Park Plenty of Parking and even a bench to rest on.  Trails can be done in casual shoes such as flip flops, though it is recommended to look around for the walking sticks near the entrance, borrow one and be sure to return it when you are leaving.
The trail can be wet and sometimes slippery,
but well worth the hike.  Much of the trail is
very easy hiking with breathtaking views.
Sage Mountain National Park BVI
Sage Mountain National Park View from Sage Mountain Park, November 2005

Sage Mountain National Park BVI
Sage Mountain National Park
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