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Mount Healthy National Park
Hurricanes and Hangovers and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph by Dear Miss Mermaid

Mount Healthy National Park
Declared in 1983

The Mount Healthy Windmill is an outstanding symbol of the sugar plantation era in the BVI. It is the only one of its kind remaining in the entire British Virgin Islands.

The 18th century mill overlooks the north shore of Tortola, and apart from the Callwood Distillery in Cane Garden Bay is the only relic from a period when sugar was 'King' not only in the BVI, but also in the Caribbean. The windmill was one of the two types used in the BVI. The others were mills operated by mules, horses or oxen.

The windmill received its power from four long rudder- like arms turning in the wind. When the rudders turned, they powered the mechanism, a central shaft, which rotated the large rollers, crushing the cane through large iron rollers and squeezing out the cane juice.

Just outside the area where the windmill stands, there are other remains believed to be the Boiling House and the Overseer's Quarters.

James Anderson started the Anderson Estate (Mount Healthy) in 1798. It was then taken over by Bezaliel Hodge, Tortola's largest landowner. The estate changed owners as the years progressed and in 1872, John Dawson and Simon Scatliffe bought the mill from Augustus McClevity. After Scatliffe's death in 1881, Dawson bought the other 50 percent share and became the sole owner of Mount Healthy.

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