City Manager’s Newsletter – 20th May, 2008

Road Town and You!



City Management Moves!


The Office of the City Manager has been transferred from the Premier’s Office to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour prior to its merger with the Wickham’s Cay Development Authority.  More details on the merger and what it will mean for the administration of Road Town will be forthcoming shortly from the Ministry.


Register Now!


The Deputy Governor’s History Awards Programme is going on.  This year’s theme for submissions is Historical Sites of the Virgin Islands.  The objective of the awards is to promote, encourage, and recognize local history research – a worthy goal!  Call 494-3701, ext. 3044, 2562 for more information.


What You Can Do!


You can help reduce the amount of garbage polluting our environment by pushing for less consumption and more recycling of household and office waste.  For instance, newspapers can be turned into mulch, office furniture can be given a new lease on life with a coat of paint, and you can simply paste plain paper over a used envelope and use it again.


Feature - 21 Ways to Be A Good Neighbour


It’s good to be neighbourly wherever you live or work so we hope you find these tips helpful whether or not you’re in Road Town.


  1. Make an effort to chat with at least one of your neighbours once a week.
  2. Take a First-Aid Class.  It might come in useful one day.
  3. If you’re building close to others, consider how construction noise might affect them and adjust your schedule so you are not hammering and drilling away seven days a week from seven in the morning. 
  4. Keep your surroundings neat and clean!
  5. Attend government’s public meetings and participate in decision-making.
  6. Be considerate of others.
  7. Volunteer with a service organization.
  8. Talk to strangers – it helps relieve the time when you’re in a long line at the bank!
  9. Join the Social Development Department’s Big Brother/Big Sister Programme and reach out to a child who needs you.  Call 494-3431 for more information.
  10. Call the police if your neighbour or your neighbour’s child is being abused.
  11. Visit or check on an elderly person at least once a week.
  12. Host a party for the children in your neighbourhood.
  13. Don’t litter.
  14.  Practice random acts of kindness!
  15. Adopt a class at the Enid Scatliffe Pre-Primary School or the public school of your choice – read to the class once a month, help to organize a field trip, or lead fundraising efforts.
  16. Always use your indicator!
  17. Keep your animals – your livestock as well as your pets – under control.  Don’t let them be a nuisance to others.
  18. If your music is shaking your neighbour’s walls or drowning out their conversation, it’s too loud.  Dial it down.
  19. Acknowledge the driver who lets you out of a junction with friendly wave or honk of your horn.
  20. The next time you go to the beach take a small garbage bag with you and do a little impromptu Clean-Up.  The beach will be better for it and you’ll set a good example to others!
  21. Never park in such a way that you block others.


Did you know…


… that Road Town gets its name from the old nautical meaning of the word ‘road’?  In olden days, a partly sheltered area of water near a shore in which it was possible for vessels to ride at anchor was known as a road so at first Road Harbour was simply known as The Road. 


Road Town Must See!


The Government House Museum, the former residence of English governors is open to the public Mondays thru Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm at Government Hill.  The House was first constructed in the late 1800s.  Check out its period furniture, lovely gardens, and philatelic exhibition.


Take a re-usable bag with you the next time you go shopping and help reduce the number of plastic bags polluting our environment.



Eugenia O'Neal
City Manager, Road Town
"The Little City With the Big Heart!"
Virgin Islands