City Manager’s Newsletter – 18th June, 2008

Road Town and You!



You’re invited…


To Plays in the Park, a summer series of plays in the Noel Lloyd/Positive Action Movement Park slated for the month of July.  Each play will begin at 3:00pm.


On July 5th Carabana Theater will present “Back In Time,” a one man play that runs 45 minutes and chronicles the life and times of Papa John, the oldest living man in the Caribbean.  Based on the book To Shoot Hard Labor, it tells the story of Antiguan Selwyn Smith. 


On July 12th the Elmore Stoutt High School will performDance Bongo.


On July 26th the CADA Players will perform “Shall We Dance?” An exciting and interactive performance of Latin dance styles.



If you’re …

the last one to leave your office, do turn off all the lights before you go.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, commercial buildings use about half of that country’s energy and produce nearly 50 percent of its greenhouse gases.  Our statistics probably wouldn’t be too different so remember to turn off your lights.  You’ll save money and energy.


Seed Cards for You!

In honour of Environment Month, the Office of the City Manager is offering free seed cards to the public.  Each card can also be used as a postcard and depicts a tree common to the Virgin Islands, along with information about it.  The attached seed packets contain a small number of the relevant seeds and germination instructions.  So far, Yellow Poui (Tabebuia serratifolia) and Apple Blossom (Cassia javanica) cards are available at various Road Town locations and at the City Manager’s Office.




This issue will take a final look at some of the topics discussed at The Urban Land Institute’s Place Making: Developing Town Centers, Transit Villages, and Main Streets Conference in Toronto, Canada. 

During the session on Zoning for Place Making: Public and Private Perspectives, Mary Madden of Ferrel Madden Associates spoke about the importance of form based codes which are place specific and which make recommendations on building heights, siting, uses, and elements.  According to her, form based codes are an improvement over zoning regulations.  A proper form based code should include a regulating plan (determines use within context), building form standards (speaks to height, lighting, etc.), architectural standards, building typology (description of building types allowed), and street standards.

Rick Cole, City Manager of Ventura, CA, explained that form-based codes give attention to streetscapes and public spaces, provide clear guidance for forms, and provide greater certainty for developers.  He said that there is also a need to focus on what matters most in a community and everyone must connect the dots for all of a city government’s priorities when it comes to developments – projects that encourage healthier lifestyles, improve the economy, answer the needs of a variety of people, and are responsive to environmental concerns get priority in his city.

Mr. Cole emphasized the need to build cities around people and not the automobile.  He stressed that cities that overemphasize the car, invariably end up de-emphasizing people and discourage social interaction and livability – factors that are important to the successful city.


From the Road Town Fact File!


The Quaker Governor, John Pickering, removed the capital of the Virgin Islands from Spanishtown in Virgin Gorda to Road Town on Tortola in the 1740s.  It’s thought that he may have wanted to be closer to the Quaker settlement in Fat Hogs Bay.


Jazz in the Park!


The Jazz on Fridays series hosted by the BVI Musician’s Association in the Noel Lloyd/Positive Action Movement Park continues this Friday, 20th June!  The music begins at 5:30pm.  Jazz on Fridays is held every other Friday so come out and bring the family!  Don’t forget your lawn chairs! 



Clear-cutting your property is harmful to the environment.  Leave some of the native forestation for the birds and other wildlife to enjoy! 



Eugenia O'Neal
City Manager, Road Town
"The Little City With the Big Heart!"
Virgin Islands