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The Cure for All Cancers: Including over 100 Case Histories of Persons Cured
The Cure for All Cancers:
Including over 100 Case Histories
of Persons Cured

Three herbs that changed my life radically (I learned about these from Dr. Hulda Clark's books)
Review by DearMissMermaid of The Cure for all Cancers by Hulda Clark

I stumbled across excerpts from this book on the Internet and became truly fascinated with the herbal cures. I tried them and began to feel immediate relief from a horrendous medical condition that doctors seemed unable to cure. I felt like the doctors were taking me down a dangerous road of drug dependency, a road that was making me sicker rather than well,  (and much poorer since my health insurance was canceled right out from under me years ago!)

I mentioned this book  to my brother, who said he had a copy my mother had bought just before her death.  If she had bought the book weeks or months sooner, would she still be alive today?  We will never know, but I took this as a great omen to find out more. Maybe my mother was on the right track, but arrived too late to take the full benefits offered in the amazing book.

My brother began reading the book and had his son, build me the "zapper" mentioned in the book. He flew down to visit me, bringing the book and the zapper. I began devouring the book, but remained skeptical about the zapper. Then one day I started using the zapper and my life began changing for the better.  When my zapper finally broke,  (through a mishap) my health seemed to deteriorate rapidly.  I got on the Internet and ordered one ready-made from a dealer, and now I am back on the road to full recovery.

Dr. Hulda Clark has made her zapper technology findings available to the public, before anyone could rush to patent her zapper. This free gift from her has made this cure affordable to everyone. She could have selfishly made billions off a patent, but she chose to make it public domain (much to the chagrin of the FDA and other greedy folks.) If someone had managed to patent her zapper before it became public domain, the medical profession would have either denied us use of it or made it ridiculously expensive.  Dr. Clark believed in her self and her cure and she generously shared this technology and has made me and many others much better at very little cost and without the dangerous drugs pedaled by traditional doctors.
The Cure for All Diseases
The Cure for All Diseases
by Dr. Hulda Clark

Excerpts from Customer Reviews of the Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark

Hurry......empower yourself and make your own decisions for your health instead of allowing the government and powerful drug companies to make decision that ultimately kill us and make them rich!

The zapper kills parasites, the bacteria, and finally viruses.   With the overuse of antibiotics, and the coming super-bugs, I would most definably recommend this book! It may save your life.

It is an excellent book for maintaining health. It will liberate you from illness, from drugs, from the establishment saying your case is hopeless, and from expensive procedures that don't work! All people concerned about their health and wanting to be in charge must read this book.

Dr. Clark's book is a very important aspect of ending disease in one's body.

This is the most common sense medical approach to illness that I have ever come across.

Before starting Dr Clark's treatments, I couldn't even work a regular job and was sick, exhausted and depressed all the time. This is the most important book I have ever read and it saved my life! Don't listen to the doubters.

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