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  • You will easily be welcomed into any Church you choose to visit.
  • The parisherners tend to be very friendly.  
  • Many folks still dress up in their finest, with women often sporting colorful big hats.  
  • Casual wear is acceptable too, though please don't dress too skimpily.  
  • Some churches have live music, complete with bands and boistrous choirs.
I attended one church that often had sleeping dogs in the aisle as well
  • Be prompt for services.
My friend sailed to Jost Van Dyke and attended Church and make the mistake of being late.
Everyone turned around, as he entered, to give him a warm greeting.
Then the Pastor said, "Welcome to our Church, now let me start over..."  and he preceeded to do just that!

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Name Location  
(Island of Tortola
unless noted)
Contact Number
area code  (284)
Agape Total Life Center Anderson Hill 495-9912
Apostalic Faith Mission East End 495-2475
Apostalic Faith Mission Wickham's Cay #1 494-4688
Bethany Baptist Church Long Look 495-2419
Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church Cane Garden Bay 495-9418
Cane Garden Bay Methodist Church Cane Garden Bay 495-4245
Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church East End 495-2862

Christian Faith Assembly Botanic Station 494-1975
Church of God of Holiness  Major Bay 495-2581
Church of God of Holiness  North Sound, Virgin Gorda 495-7505
Church of God of Holiness Taylors Bay, Virgin Gorda 495-5131
Church of God of Prophecy Hope Hill 494-5002
Church of God of Prophecy Huntums Ghut  494-3446
Church of God of Prophecy Long Look 495-1772
Faith Baptist Church Main Street  494-3412
First Assembly of God Lower Estate 494-8389

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Gospel of Jesus Evangelistic Pentecostal Church Sea Cows Bay 494-0065
Jehovah's Witnesses Huntums Ghut 494-6871
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses  The Valley, Virgin Gorda 495-5287
Road Town Methodist Church Road Town 494-4349
Belle Vue Methodist Church Belle Vue 494-1614
Purcell Methodist Church Purcell Estate 494-5251
The Valley Methodist Church The Valley, Virgin Gorda 495-5693
Carrot Bay Methodist Church Carrot Bay  -
Jost Van Dyke Methodist Church Jost Van Dyke  -
Anegada Methodist Church Anegada  -
East End Methodist Church Chapel Hill, East End  -
Zion Hill Methodist Church Zion Hill, West End 495-4878
Mt. Calvary Deliverance Temple Anegada 495-9029
New Life Baptist Church Duff's Bottom 494-4101
New Testament Church Of God West End   495-4119
New Testament Church Of God Purcell Estate  494-1490
Oasis Christian Assembly Road Town 494-7410

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Road Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Road Town 494-8414
St.Georges Anglican Church Road Town 494-3894
St. Mary's Church The Valley, Virgin Gorda 495-5769
St.Paul's Anglican Church Sea Cows Bay 494-4732
St.Ursula Catholic Church The Valley, Virgin Gorda 495-5301
St.Williams Roman Catholic Church Main Street 494-2690
Road Town Seventh Day Adventist Church Road Town 494-2112
Carrot Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church Carrot Bay  -

Diamond Cross
East End Seventh Day Adventist Church East End 495-1577
Upper Room Church Of God Little Dix Hill 495-2061
Virgin Gorda Assembly of God The Valley, Virgin Gorda 495-6032
Word of Faith New Testament Church The Valley, Virgin Gorda 495-6200
  • Anglican.
    St. Georges, Road Town (494-3894)
    St. Paul's, Sea Cow's Bay, Tortola (494-4732)
  • Assembly of God.
    Virgin Gorda Assemby of God, The Valley, Virgin Gorda, (495-5076)
  • Baptist.
    Bethany Baptist Church, Long Look, Tortola (495-2419)
    Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church (495-9418)
    Faith Baptist Church, Main Street, Road Town (494-3412)
    Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Belmont Estate, West End, Tortola (495-4145)
    Road Town Baptist Church (494-4104)
  • Catholic.
    Mary Star of the Sea, East End, Tortola (495-2862 email
    . Fr. Peter Brannelly is the priest.
    St. Williams, Main Street (494-2690) has been completely rebuilt.
    St. Ursula's, The Valley, Virgin Gorda (495-5301) is uniquely situated on a hill on the way to The Baths from the Yacht Harbour.
  • Church of God of Holiness.
    Road Town (494-1755)
    Major Bay (495-2581)
    North Sound (495-7505)
    Virgin Gorda (495-5248)
  • Church of God of Prophecy.
    Hope Hill, Tortola (494-5002)
    Huntums Ghut (494-3446)
    Long Look, Tortola (495-2543)
    Old Plantation (Manse), Josiah's Bay, Tortola (495-1772)
  • Jehovah's Witnesses.
    Huntum's Ghut (494-6871)
    Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness, The Valley Virgin Gorda (495-5287)
  • Methodist.
    Anegada Manse (495-9619)
    Belle Vue, Tortola (494-1614)
    Cane Garden Bay Methodist Church (495-4245)
    The Valley Virgin Gorda (495-5693)
    West End/Zion Hill Methodist Church (495-4878)
  • New Testament Church of God.
    Purcell Estate, Road Town (494-5771)
    The Valley, Virgin Gorda (495-5543)
    West End, Tortola (495-4119)
  • Others.
    Christian Faith Assembly,Botanic Station, Happy Lion Building, Road Town (494-1975)
    Church of God of Prophercy, Long Swamp, Tortola (495-1323)
    Gospel of Jesus Evangelistic Pentecostal Church, Sea Cow's Bay, Tortola (494-0065)
    Mt Calvery Deliverence Temple, The Settlement, Anegada (495-9029)
    Upper Room Church of God, Little Dix Hill, Virgin Gorda (495-1061)
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  • Seventh-Day Adventist.
    Carrot Bay, Tortola (494-2112)
    Road Town (494-8414)
    The Valley, Virgin Gorda (495-5987)

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Agape Total Life Center  
 Anderson Hill  
   Anegada Methodist Church  
   Mt. Calvary Deliverance Temple  
   Belle Vue Methodist Church  
 Belle Vue  
   Christian Faith Assembly  
 Botanic Station  
   Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church  
 Cane Garden Bay  
   Cane Garden Bay Methodist Church  
 Cane Garden Bay  
   Carrot Bay Methodist Church  
 Carrot Bay  
   Carrot Bay Seventh Day Adventist Church  
 Carrot Bay  
   East End Methodist Church  
 Chapel Hill
East End  
   New Life Baptist Church  
 Duff's Bottom  
   Apostalic Faith Mission  
 East End  
 Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church  
 East End  
 cross pendant
Diamond Cross
 East End Seventh Day Adventist Church  
 East End  
   Church of God of Prophecy  
 Hope Hill  
   Jehovah's Witnesses  
 Huntums Ghut  
   Church of God of Prophecy  
 Huntums Ghut  
   Jost Van Dyke Methodist Church  
 Jost Van Dyke  
   Upper Room Church Of God  
 Little Dix Hill  
   Bethany Baptist Church  
 Long Look  
   Church of God of Prophecy  
 Long Look  
   First Assembly of God  
 Lower Estate  
   St.Williams Roman Catholic Church  
 Main Street  
Diamond Cross
 Faith Baptist Church  
 Main Street  
   Church of God of Holiness  
 Major Bay  
   Church of God of Holiness  
 North Sound
Virgin Gorda  
   Purcell Methodist Church  
 Purcell Estate  
   New Testament Church Of God  
 Purcell Estate  
   Road Town Methodist Church  
 Road Town  
   Oasis Christian Assembly  
 Road Town  
   Road Town Seventh Day Adventist Church  
 Road Town  
   St.Georges Anglican Church  
 Road Town  
   Road Town Seventh Day Adventist Church  
 Road Town  
Diamond Cross
 Gospel of Jesus Evangelistic Pentecostal Church  
 Sea Cows Bay  
   St.Paul's Anglican Church  
 Sea Cows Bay  
   Church of God of Holiness  
 Taylors Bay
Virgin Gorda  
   Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses  
 The Valley
Virgin Gorda  
   The Valley Methodist Church  
 The Valley
Virgin Gorda  
   St. Mary's Church  
 The Valley
Virgin Gorda  
   St.Ursula Catholic Church  
 The Valley
Virgin Gorda  
   Virgin Gorda Assembly of God  
 The Valley
Virgin Gorda  
   Word of Faith New Testament Church  
 The Valley
Virgin Gorda  
   New Testament Church Of God  
 West End  
   Apostalic Faith Mission  
 Wickham's Cay #1  
Diamond Cross Pendant
 Zion Hill Methodist Church  
 Zion Hill
West End  
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