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The Ship and the Storm: Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome
The Ship and the Storm: Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome  

Fantome was a Windjammer Tall Ship that tried to outrun the storm, while no passengers were lost, much of the crew was.
Don't Stop the Carnival: A Novel (Paperback)
This is a must have for anyone who has been to the Caribbean or dreams of going.

DON'T STOP THE CARNIVAL is Herman Wouk's comedy about living out your fantasies on an exotic Caribbean island. Norman Paperman, a successful Broadway publicity agent, has long dreamed of escaping his high-pressure Manhattan life. In a fit of bravado, he chucks it all and buys an old hotel on tiny, primitive, lush Amerigo island.

Only $10.85

Jimmy Buffet BooksBesides being world famous for his music, Jimmy Buffett is also a talented writer. Click here to see a listing of his books.  Caribbean by James MichenerMaster storyteller James A. Michener sweeps us off to the Caribbean,with a magnificent novel that captures the eternal allure of that glittering string of islands and their tumultuous history. Beginning in 1310 and continuing through Columbus's arrival and the bloody slave revolt of Haiti to the rise of Castro, CARIBBEAN carries us through 700 dramatic years in a tale teeming with revolution and romance, slavery and superstition, heartfelt characters and thunderous destinies.

She was no Lady: A personal journey of recovery through Hurricane KatrinaAfter I received Father Tracey's book I sat down to read the beginning. It was not to be. I could not put the book down until I finished it. I was not prepared for the tears that would not stop. Knowing Father Tracey personally, I had failed to realize the mental anguish he suffered. He looked so strong and inspired all his parishioners. This is a must read book whether you went through Katrina or not. Directory of the BVI Guides and Info to the Virgin Islands Cruising Guide to Caribbean Marinas and Services Virgin Anchorages

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